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"Meet & Greet" with WOMR FM 92.1 FM 91.3 at the Opening Reception of "GOOD VIBRATIONS", Frday, July 12th, 5 pm-7 pm

You are invited to  join us at a “Meet & Greet” for community radio station WOMR 92.1/91.3 FM at our   opening reception for “GOOD VIBRATIONS” Friday, July 12th, 5 pm-7 pm. You will have an opportunity to meet DJ’s, volunteers and board members as well as many of the artists who will be displaying their work during this dynamic exhibit.   Jazz keyboard artist, Dylan Routhier will entertain and refreshments will be served.

If you think of summertime with its joyous energy in the air and if you think of color and all its music.   you will imagine Cross Rip Gallery’s new exhibit:  “Good Vibrations”, July 10th-August 11th. At this exhibit you will discover the imaginative, soulful work of established and emerging artists: Suzanne Packer, Heather Blume, Liz Perry, Kate Nelson, Hollis Fortune, Richard O. Perry, Sally S, Fine, Leslie Kramer,  Dianne Longchamps, Georgene Riedl, Leah McCormick, Ellen C. Davies, Alla Zbinovsky, Eveline Luppi, Ralph S. MacKenzie, John Howard, Tom Wilson Jones and Martha Holden with a spotlight on artists: Heather Blume, Ellen C. Davies and Tom Wilson Jones.

We look forward to seeing you!