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Exhibit: "NIGHT AND DAY" - October 17th-November 17th

How lucky we are that we don’t have perpetual day, perpetual night.  Although each one of them adds balance and relief from the other, they each are our “vive la difference” to any 24 hour period in our lives.   In our exhibit, “Night and Day”, October 17th-November 17th,  Cross Rip Gallery artists will offer their perceptions of what this difference means to them.

 Please stop in our gallery Thursday-Sunday, 1pm -5pm, by appointment or look for the “open” flag to see how  Suzanne M. Packer, Heather Blume, Kate Nelson, Liz Perry, Richard Perry, *John Howard, Martha Holden, Eveline Luppi, *Leah McCormick, Alla Zbinovsky, Ellen C. Davies, Hollis Fortune, Dianne Longchamps, Ralph S. MacKenzie,  Georgene Riedl, Leslie Kramer, Ralph S. MacKenzie,  Sally S. Fine and Tom Wilson Jones interpret this idea through colourful and imaginative  paintings, sculpture, collage and reliefs.

*Artists in the spotlight: John Howard, Martha Holden, Leah McCormick

You are invited to join our artists and other guests at the opening reception for “Night and Day”, Friday, October 18th, 5 pm-7 pm.  We look forward to seeing you!