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'FALL INVITATIONAL EXHIBIT" September 13th-October 14th,2018

This is a very inviting time at Cross Rip Gallery!


We are immensely  pleased  to invite you to our "Fall Invitational Exhibit", September 13th-October 14th, featuring guest artists ROBERT HENRY (courtesy of Berta Walker Gallery), LAURA SHABOTT(courtesy of Four Eleven Gallery), JOYCE ZAVORSKAS and TOM WILSON JONES.



(from the Provincetown Artist Registry)     "Art historian Eileen Kennedy observed: “Henry appears uncategorizable to me. He is an artist statesman of our age, much as Picaso was/is – or Goya- but he does not confront epic conflict between and within nations in the direct way that they did. He presents the human impulse to harm and heal in the emotional atmosphere, the psychic space that human turbulence creates. His more abstract works seem to me to be what so much of contemporary art is trying to express, the distillation of emotion, the spiritual and psychic space that the times we are living in have created. Looking at a few of his abstract paintings, I could not help but think of the ‘weight ‘ of the world that now bears down on all of us who are conscious or attempting to be. Meeting Bob Henry, for me, is like meeting the gentlest of prizefighters. He grapples with the heavyweight philosophical concerns of our times.”



Emily Mergel writes "Laura Shabott continually draws inspiration from abstract expressionist Hans Hofmann and breaks forms into their most evocative essentials...She seizes the opportunity to burst the gallery walls, speaking with intentional gesture in visual vocabulary all her own."



Continuing a lifelong connection to earth and ocean, Joyce Zavorskas has exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Philadelphia, California, as well as Boston, Cape Cod and the Islands. Her recent panoramic paintings and monotypes document the constantly changing coastal environment from dawn to dusk. She paints from direct observation in nature throughout the year, hiking cliffs, dunes and waterways with backpack and easel, documenting shifting shadows and tides. Monotypes are created in the colder winter months in her printmaking studio, where she also offers monotype, etching, and solar etching workshops.



"Life is ultimately ambiguous…few things, people, or events are as clear as they may first seem. Certainty and precision are fleeting so I accept ambiguity as a fundamental part of my work; detours, missteps and chance become parcel to the effort - included, not excluded. Even if subsequently painted over, these remain, much as memories of things past persist; a madeleine in oils.  My process accepts uncertainties, risks the false step, the lost lane and unfound door. I seek to express an honest and immediate invitation to look, and a lure to linger.

I believe that the blank canvas holds a revelatory image and that my challenge is to work toward its discovery. While I am largely an expressionist painter, a completed work nonetheless renders an ‘objective idea’, one providing a communicable anchor, meaning, or relevance. My work concludes with such object/idea; it does not begin or proceed with that certainty."

 We will also be showcasing the original and imaginative work of  John Howard, Martha Holden, Leslie Kramer, Heather Blume, Suzanne Packer, Liz Perry, Richard Perry, Jan Lhormer,  Dianne Longchamps, Kate Nelson, Georgene Riedl, Hollis Fortune, Ellen Davies, Sally S. Fine and Alla Zbinovsky.