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Art Salon & Solo Exhibit with artist J0N MOORE

Falmouth Visual artist Jon Moore will be discussing "Drawing from the Gut"  and demonstrating his approach to creating which include a process of 6 evolving steps:  1. "Presence": Sensual connection with art-making materials. 2. "Starting with a simple idea": process and the seeking of essence; 3. "The audacity of ink and water": Allowing the media to do what it wants to do; 4. "Knowing when to pause": Completing a drawing as opposed to finishing it. 5. "Detachment"  A willingness to accept the outcome even if it means trashing it. 6. "Refinement": Implementing the process in other work...

   There will be conversations and refreshments.  Seating is limited, reservations are necessary.  Please contact (508)432-1130 or e-mail: